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In the world of uncertain things where new stuff pop out every day, i always think history is the best tool to distinguish the pretenders from the real deals. I can always rely on history to take a look at one’s pedigree. It’s true that we live in the present, but what happens now is the reflection of what already happened in the past. The journey of one entity through time is an invaluable proof of steadiness. You can’t really argue with history.

Standard Chartered Bank has years of history as proof of its proud existence. It was formed in 1969 through the merger of two separate banks, The Standard Bank of British South Africa and The Chartered Bank of India, Australia, China. Both banks had operated for more than 100 years, capitalising on the world’s fastest-growing markets  since the turn of the century. When these banks merged in the middle of 20th century, it resulted in what presently know as one of the leading banks and financial services in the world. Standard Chartered Bank has seen its business expanded and these days aim to lead the market in the hot bed of current economy: Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

As a global company, Standard Chartered Bank believes that business should makes positive impact on the communities and surroundings where they operate.To achieve this objective, Standard Chartered Bank sponsors inspirational persons, events, and projects anywhere in the world.

One of the entities that is being sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank is Liverpool FC. Standard Chartered Bank has been sponsoring Liverpool FC for 2,5 years and only a few eyebrows would raised upon this fact. Both Standard Chartered Bank and Liverpool FC share similarities in history as their previous track records have proven. Liverpool FC has won 18 English league titles and the proud owner of 5 European Cups, a continental achievement that hasnt been equaled by any other English club and prompts the Liverpool faithfuls to utter their famous “5 Times” phrase.

Standard Chartered Bank and Liverpool FC know that the fans is an inseparable element of a football club. Without the fans, the football club will not exist. To highlight their passion and commitment to football, Standard Chartered Bank launched a rewarding competition called “90 Seconds to Anfield”.

By participating in 90 Seconds to Anfield, you will stand a chance to go to Anfield and watch Liverpool FC play live next season with all expenses paid. Sounds like a mouth-watering deal, doesnt it?

What you need to do to participate is quite simple. You only need to create a 90-second video showing your passion for football. It doesnt have to be precisely 90 seconds, less is okay, but make sure what you show on video is just as crazy as your usual Saturday nights. Passion is the keyword here.

The competition will be run from April 5th through a Facebook app named “90 Seconds to Anfield”. You have to upload your video through this Facebook app and share it with your friends to get votes. The top 20 videos will be shortlisted and sent to the judging panel who will pick the most passionate fan to watch Liverpool FC live in Anfield next season!

What are you waiting for? Prepare your camera and start drawing your plan. Come the 5th of April, you’re only 90 seconds away from watching Liverpool live in Anfield.

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….since our last published post and our football is barely different than the last time we checked. Indonesians must have been doomed to some kind of eternal purgatory that makes our football suffers such predicament.

I’ve been busy the past year developing new ventures elsewhere as well as managing my columns in various media outlets, but lately i’ve realized that this neglected project, that had been around for quite a long time, should be revived.

In this time of troubles and uncertainties, we have more tons of information to share to the outer world than ever.

As i’m committed to other jobs, i cant do this by myself. Hereby i announce that if you can write in English and into local football,  i’d be more than happy to have you on board. You may click the About page to find the address and send me an email so i can have you shortlisted.

Together we can do this. The place is here and the time is now.


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